"Dr. Jorge Carpizo"

Guided visits

The “Dr. Jorge Carpizo” offers the guided tours service so that the public knows its history; the collections it protects; your instalations; the services it provides; its classification system, among others. Its duration is approximately 60 minutes.

It is important that you request an appointment to the Consultation and Reference area.

Guidelines for attending guided tours

In an effort to support teaching and professional interest in the field of law, the “Dr. Jorge Carpizo” provides a special consultation service to groups of students and / or professionals interested in the use of primary sources as well as a brief explanation of the different information systems that UNAM has for information retrieval.

In order to provide you with a better service, the following guidelines have been established:

  • The teacher or professional representative of the group will fill out the application, addressed to the academic coordinator of the library, via the internet and send it at least one week in advance to the following email address Library staff will contact and attend the group visit according to availability.

  • If, in addition to the visit, the elaboration of inquiries of our information is requested, the teacher or professional representative will send the requested topics in the same mail requesting the visit but with 15 days in advance. So that the office of Consultation and Reference prepares previously the requested information.

  • The visit lasts approximately one hour, which consists of a brief explanation of the history, organization and operation of the Institute and the Library. As well as the origin of the different collections, the donors, the method of classification and the consultation of the databases.

  • The requested reproductions will be paid in the box of the Institute of Legal Investigations. The cost per photocopy is $ .50 ctv.

Atención personal:
Mtra. Rosa María Matías Estrada
Lic. Arturo Manjarrez Mosqueda
Lic. Arturo Anzures Martínez


Phone number

55 5622 7474 ext. 85391 y 85406