"Dr. Jorge Carpizo"


The “Dr. Jorge Carpizo” of the Institute of Legal Research, offers the service of reproduction of bibliohemerographic material by means of photocopies and digitalization of documents in accordance with the Federal Law of Copyright and other applicable legislation. Therefore, they cannot be photocopied:

  • Complete books

  • Books and magazines containing the legend "This volume should not be photocopied"

  • Materiales bibliohemerográficos deteriorados por agentes físicos, químicos o biológicos

  • Bound books and magazines

  • Books and magazines of the Reserved Fund


The cost of reproduction will be covered by the user in the terms established by the Administrative Secretariat of the Institute, which is $ .50 ctvo.

El servicio está a cargo del
Sr. Cenobio García González


Horario de servicio

Monday to Friday

09:00 a 11:00 hrs.

12:00 a 15:00 hrs.

17:00 a 20:00 hrs.

Importante: El servicio de cobro para las fotocopias, solo se realiza hasta las 14:30 hrs.