"Dr. Jorge Carpizo"

Interlibrary lending

What is it?

It is a service, that through previously established agreements, libraries are provided as a loan, those sources of information that are not in their respective collections.

How is the interlibrary loan carried out?

Through an agreement through which libraries and information centers are provided, as a loan, those sources of information that are not in their respective collections.

Who is entitled to the interlibrary loan service?

Users of the library as researchers, academic technicians, administrative staff and scholars of the Institute of Legal Research.

What materials from another Library can I use?

Existen convenios con diferentes bibliotecas universitarias y especializadas. Cada convenio establece los materiales que se puede ofrecer en préstamo como libros, revistas, películas, diapositivas, etc., la cantidad que puede solicitar cada usuario y el tiempo para disfrutar dicho préstamo.

The list of libraries with which there is an interlibrary loan agreement can be reviewed on the library page and in the Consultation and Reference office.

How do I apply for an interlibrary loan?

You must verify that the material to be requested is not in the “Dr. Jorge Carpizo ”of the Institute of Legal Research.


Go to the Consultation and Reference area with the material data and the name of the library to which you wish to obtain the loan.


The person in charge of this service will give you the interlibrary loan format


Once the loan application is authorized, you must go to the borrowing library * with the original and copies of the loan format and request the material.


The borrowing library will authorize the loan, keep the original format and give you the materials.


You must keep one of the copies and return another, with the expiration date, to the Consultation and Reference area.


It is important that you return the material to the library where you requested the loan, at the latest on the date indicated and request the return stamp in your format.


Once the format is sealed, you must submit it to the Consultation and Reference area.

NOTE: The person who delays the return of the material, mutilates or misses it, will be sanctioned according to the policies of the borrowing library.

* Library borrower is one that grants the loan of material.

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