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This is a service that aims to provide you with references and complete texts of books and academic journals (in print or electronic format) that our library and UNAM have acquired and organized.


Search of bibliohemerographic information. The information is retrieved from the databases of books, magazines and collective works that the “Dr. Jorge Carpizo ”as well as the UNAM Digital Library. Once the Specialized Search Format is completed and delivered to the person in charge of the Area, he / she undertakes to send or print the information requested within the period previously stipulated (Applications are free to the Institute community).



Guidance on the use and management of the resources of the Digital Library of UNAM.


Processing of passwords for access to the UNAM Digital Library (only for the university community).

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Lic. Arturo Anzures Martínez
Lic. Moisés Reyes Hernández


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