"Dr. Jorge Carpizo"

Newspapers and periodicals collection

The newspaper library is a fundamental part of the "Dr. Jorge Carpizo" Library of the Institute of Legal Research. It contains the most important articles of legal science and related disciplines. It is integrated with more than 2,431 titles equivalent to approximately 107,272 fascicles from more from 50 countries whose legal tradition has been important.

The classification system used by the library, allows to analyze each and every one of the articles contained in the magazine.

Currently, in the local database "Journal Articles" (Aleph) of the Library of the Institute of Legal Research there are 455,803 records.

Each year more than 615 titles and 891 fascicles are received.

In the opinion of national and foreign researchers, the library of the library "Dr. Jorge Carpizo ”is considered the most important legal collection in Latin America.


Mtra. Lucila Quezada González