"Dr. Jorge Carpizo"

Traditional collection

More than 75 years have passed since the Institute of Legal Research and, together with it, the Library that has the name of a great Mexican jurist: Dr. Jorge Carpizo.

The Traditional Collection has volumes of historical, sociological, economic, anthropological, philosophical topics and so on; whose complement are the dictionaries and encyclopedias and other reference works that our Library has and that can be consulted in its Reading Rooms.

From its first number assigned (DC 0001) to the book by Ángel Torres Calvo, entitled "Dictionary of Pontifical Social Texts", to the "Theater of the Universal Legislation of Spain and the Indies" (with its assignment DC 082985), the Traditional Collection ( DC, for the acronym of Comparative Law) of this Library has not ceased to nourish itself, primarily of legal books and other related subjects, which allow it to have those who investigate a broad vision of Legal Science.

The General Collection or Traditional Collection has to date more than 120,000 legal and non-legal books available to be consulted by the user, separated and classified by subject and, within this, by subject to have a better disposition of said material and do more Fluid and fast your search on the shelves. Also, all volumes are placed in 19 rows, each with 30 shelves, and these, divided with 6 shelves each. In this way, the material placed by subject and its respective subject, as already mentioned, allows Librarians its easy location and quick disposition for the user.

Who goes to the Jorge Carpizo Library, the most complete in Latin American legal matters, will be sure that the material will be very useful in their research and very helpful in their search for information to strengthen their knowledge in the Science of Law.

The ground floor of the building that houses the Library section is assigned exclusively for the General Collection or Traditional Collection, which is acquired by direct purchase, by donation or by exchange with other national and international institutions of higher education.

From that place of the Historic Center of the Federal District, passing through the fifth floor of the Tower of II Humanities where the Library was previously located, to the headquarters that today houses the "Dr. Jorge Carpizo" Library, the time elapsed between going and come from each and every one of the members who have collaborated in this repository both legal and non-legal. Directors, Library Coordinators, Section Chiefs, Academic Technicians, Librarians and other personnel who have been attached to it, have seen and witnessed how their collections grew and, at one point, had in their hands a copy of the thousands he has the same and, say with pride and university spirit, who have witnessed the history of our "Dr. Jorge Carpizo" Library.