"Dr. Jorge Carpizo"

About us


Develop the services of the "Dr. Jorge Carpizo" Library in an improvement and modernization scheme. Continually evaluate its operation and promote the excellence of its performance.


To be the leading organization in everything concerning the development of specialized information services in legal matters.


Support research, teaching and dissemination of legal knowledge; mainly within the Institute itself, immediately, within other units of UNAM itself; but, without neglecting users of other educational institutions, both public and private, who are interested in the same academic work. The Library has played an important role in generating legal knowledge in our country.

Brief introduction to its history

In 1940 the Institute of Comparative Law was founded, and within its objectives was to form a library specialized in legal disciplines. In the beginning, the library was located in an office on Calle de Article 123, Colonia Centro. By 1945 he moved to the annex of the National School of Jurisprudence, in San Ildefonso and during 1954 he moved to Tower I of Humanities. Subsequently, from 1976 to 1986, the Institute occupied the 4th, 5th, and 13th floors of the Tower II of Humanities and the library was on the 5th floor. From1986 it occupies the current building in the City of Humanities Research of the University City.

Our library to date has 244,530 books and 105,501 magazine booklets. In total they add a collection of 350,031 volumes.

Library classification system

The library has a particular classification system developed in 1983 by teacher Marta Morineau Iduarte and Héctor Dávalos Martínez, appropriate to the legal material analyzed.