Contribuir a la solución de los problemas sociales y políticos vinculados a los fenómenos jurídicos nacionales e internacionales. Su labor se enfoca en especial, al estudio, enseñanza, divulgación y conocimiento de los fenómenos de relevancia jurídica. Para ello realiza investigación comparada e interdisciplinaria, que permite la generación y difusión de conocimiento experto con excelencia académica.

Our efforts focus especially on studying, teaching, researching and communicating phenomena of legal relevance. Thus, we produce compared inter-disciplinary research, allowing the creation and promotion of expert knowledge of utmost academic quality.

The main function of the Institute is to produce high-level research that is mostly focused on solving national and international problems, under the principle of research freedom. The Institute is also involved in a wide variety of activities that promote legal knowledge, such as congresses, seminaries and conferences that allow academic exchanges with foreign legal scholars.

Finally, the Institute takes part in graduate education projects, wither on its own or together with other UNAM agencies and private or public universities, whether in Mexico or abroad.