Evaluating Commission

This body expresses opinions about oppositions contests regarding acceptance, promotions and tenures of academic personnel. Expresses opinions about contracts for academic personnel, in the cases that are foreseen in Article 51 of the Academic Personnel Statute of UNAM. Expresses opinions about applications of academics belonging to other University bodies who are interested in being permanently attached to the Institute, and any others bestowed by the Academic Personnel Statute and the by-laws of the Evaluating Commissions for Academic Personnel.

Structure of the Commission

  • Dra. Faviola Rivera Castro
  • Dr. José Antonio Álvarez León
  • Dra. María del Socorro Marquina Sánchez
  • Dr. Jesús Rodríguez Zepeda
  • Dr. Carlos Silva Forné
  • Dra. Marisol Anglés Hernández