Library Commission

Its goal is to define policies for the Library's internal organization and lending and purchasing policies, as well as to oversee the way in which it is run, according to the general guidelines found in the General By-Laws for the Library and Information System of UNAM and to its own by-laws.

Structure of the Commission

  • Dra. Mónica González Contró
  • Dr. Mauricio Padrón Innamorato
    Secretario Académico
  • Lic. Raúl Márquez Romero
    Chief of Technical Staff
  • Mtra. Rosa María Matías Estrada
    Jefa del Departamento de Biblioteca
  • Three academic members of the Institute, appointed by the Internal Council.
  • Two representatives of the academic personnel that work in the library, appointed by the Internal Council.
  • An administrative representative who is a librarian and a graduate student.